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LeaderLife is a Dubbo organisation founded in 2011.  It supports young people to live well by working holistically with individuals, family and the community.  Practical skills and mentoring programs are delivered through a community-driven approach.  The Blackwood Foundation directed funding towards two of their programs, CATALYST and Soil2Soul.  The CATALYST program focusses on access to a youth support team for young males who are at risk from disengaging from education and have had emerging contact with the criminal justice system.  Soil2Soul is a lime farm social enterprise that helps young people who have disengaged from education or on the fringe of the criminal justice system, develop work-readiness skills in agriculture, retail, customer service and management.

In 2022 the Foundation continued their support by co-funding a demountable building for a Syntropic farm. LeaderLife is establishing this farm to train youth and the community in the science and practicality of Syntropic farming. The farm will also provide casual employment.