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In 2005 KidsXpress was established for children aged four to fourteen who have experienced trauma, loss and challenges. It is one of the primary organisations in Australia using music, art, drama and play therapy. Their therapies are evidence based and federally accredited. The Foundation directed funding towards the Dyad Program which includes the parents and carers of children already engaged with KidsXpress. The program may also include supporting the children’s teachers.

In 2022 The Blackwood Foundation co-funded the Snowy Valleys Bushfire Project. The Snowy Valleys region has suffered particularly tragic losses from bushfires. The area already had a low socioeconomic index compared to other areas in NSW. Children are at greater risk of poorer wellbeing outcomes if they are from vulnerable backgrounds who have other compounding factors, such as financial strain, that limit their ability to overcome adversity (including bushfire trauma). The pre-existing need in the area for support, plus the acute community disaster, highlighted the need to support the Snowy Valleys region.