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The Blackwood Foundation is an independent foundation established in 2013. Its principles are based on the philanthropic traditions of the Martin and Blackwood Families from the early 1900s. Pamela Blackwood instilled in the family to give and to look after others.

“Philanthropy is not only about funding, but also the bringing together of like-minded people in order to give collectively.”

Simon Martin photo

Simon Martin


Simon Martin

Chairman/ Director

Simon Martin grew up in a family culture of giving. His grandparents and great grandparents from the Blackwood family were prominent philanthropists, who supported education as benefactors of Knox Grammar, Pymble Ladies College, St Andrews College, and the University of Sydney. They were also donors and actively involved in the establishment of orphanages for homeless children (now UnitingCare Burnside) in the early to mid-1900’s. Simon’s parents instilled these qualities in him growing up. Simon has spent his working career in the finance sector as a Private Wealth Manager, managing investments for clients and not-for-profit organisations. In keeping with his background, he advises business contacts and clients how best to establish financial structures for charitable support.

He has been a long-term member of Rotary and is involved in raising funds and supporting projects that assist the less fortunate. He has been recognised for his work in Rotary with a Paul Harris Fellow award.

To support his work in education, Simon is a board member of the Positive Education in Schools Association.

Simon lives in Sydney and has three adult children. He is a regular sailor on Sydney Harbour, and is a die-hard fan and member of the Sydney Swans.

Edward Martin


Edward’s involvement in philanthropy began when he started fundraising for charities to help create awareness for young people experiencing mental health issues.
He has previously been involved with Philanthropy Australia’s New Generation initiative that connects young philanthropists to deliver change programs in communities.
Outside of Philanthropy, Edward specialises in public policy and corporate affairs with experience in government, financial services and consulting.  He gets his rugby fix as a professional Rugby Union referee on weekends and raises money for The Guide Dogs in fun runs.

Edward hold a Master of International Business and Law from Sydney University.

Felicty Martin


Felicity has been working in the mental health sector for the past couple of years, specifically working with people who suffer from a variety of different addictions, mental illness and trauma.  

She also has extensive experience working with children and their families in a variety of different roles for over ten years.

 Felicity holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Counselling. She is passionate about supporting mental health programmes, a key area of The Blackwood Foundation.

In 2014, Felicity volunteered for the Athletes As Role Models Program with the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASACA), and spent a week in a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory mentoring and working with young people.

Felicity regularly plays Basketball, attends Barre and Pilates classes and often participates in fun runs throughout the year.

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